Macca’s Jacca Revelation: More Than a Sexy One Off

The adolescent Beatles masturbated in a room together, conjuring Brigitte Bardot for inspiration.

Paul McCartney’s revelation of these boyhood experiences with John Lennon lit up social media, clickbait to market his new album. Egypt Station is full of its own sexual confessions about “fuh-ing,” a new Macca-ism from the song, “Fuh You.”

And why not hear McCartney voice such sexual fantasies? Isn’t having a Beatle “crack your code” or “come on to you” what dreaming about the Cute One was always about?

Today, McCartney is still a sexual template — just not in the way we might expect a Beatle to be. Ram on…

Go here for my full post on CultureSonar.


Katie Kapurch writes about sexy aspects of popular culture and literature. As a scholar of the Beatles and other major phenomena, she offers fresh insights when it comes to the topics of gender, sexuality, and race.

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