‘Come on to Me’ Is Paul McCartney’s Guide to #MeToo-era Flirting

#MeToo has deflated lots of men.

But not Paul McCartney.

Today, “Macca” is singing about the sexiness of consent while other powerful media moguls are facing the firing squad for assaulting and harassing women who worked for them. The controversy surrounding Supreme Court Justice candidate Brett Kavanaugh (accused of assaulting a woman when both parties were teens) proves that “youthful misconduct” is up for grabs, too. To overturn Kavanaugh’s recent turn of phrase, what happens in boyhood does not necessarily stay there, any more.

#MeToo is requiring us to reevaluate all of the rules of engagement, including the romantic trifles that used to seem innocent. Courtship generally involves some kind of pursuit based on reading signs of interest and permission—but what should this look like in 2018? Indeed, how do you flirt in the age of #MeToo? Ram on …

Go here for my full article on PopMatters.

Katie Kapurch writes about sexy aspects of popular culture and literature. As a scholar of the Beatles and other major phenomena, she offers fresh insights when it comes to the topics of gender, sexuality, and race.

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