Martha Wash’s “Love and Conflict” – The Album for 2020

For those seeking uplift in this new pandemic world with the old-familiarity of the Stones or the Beatles, Wash’s Love and Conflict is for you—for more reasons than one.

Wash is the iconic voice you’ve known for all these years though you might not even realize it. As one-half of the Weather Girls, Wash sang “It’s Raining Men,” a veritable 80s anthem, ubiquitous in aerobics studios and gay dance clubs. Before that, she and fellow Weather Girl, Izora Rhodes-Armstead, flanked Sylvester James as his backup singers, Two Tons O’ Fun. Ram on


By Katie Kapurch

Katie Kapurch writes about popular culture and literature. As a scholar of the Beatles and other major phenomena, she offers fresh insights when it comes to the topics of gender, sex, sexuality, and race.

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